Integrated Care Networks

At the Village Practice we are part of the Integrated Networks Meetings where we can discuss our Patients.

Islington is one of the National Integrated Care Pioneer sites. We are developing Integrated Networks to

  • deliver on our vision of “Working together to deliver better care with the people of Islington” and we seek to
  • deliver more joined up and co-ordinated care to those who need it as well as offering a systematic
  • preventative offer to improve the lives of all residents.

At a high level we hope to achieve better experiences and outcomes for patients / service users as well as a

  • shift of care from acute settings into the community.
  • National/local context and evidence base

The Integrated Networks will be wrapped around Primary Care, and provide a single structure for multidisciplinary,multi-organisational work in Islington. They will provide a forum for all health and care professionals to bring complex cases, get support from colleagues across organisations and develop shared plans. All health and care professionals will have access to these teams, and these teams will be recognised as delivering the joined up health and care that we know our patients want.

Islington has developed a local version of the National Voices ‘I Statements’ which forms the foundation of our

work on integrated care. These are

  • I want to be listened to and heard
  • I want to be treated as a whole person and for you to recognise how disempowering being ill is
  • I want my care to be co-ordinated and to have the same appointment system across services
  • I want to have longer appointments with someone who is well prepared so that I do not have to tell my story again
  • I want to feel supported by my community and get the most out of services available locally
  • I want you to put a greater focus on my mental well being
  • I want to feel respected and to feel safe

Integrated Networks will be a key function for delivering on these expectations. The Integrated Network Coordination (INC) Service will be an enabler for this function, supporting and sustaining the IntegratedNetworks as a way of working across health and care organisations in Islington.

The core team comprises

  • GP
  • Social Work Senior Practitioner
  • Health Navigator
  • Primary Care Mental Health Worker
  • INC Matron (Community Matron)
  • INC Admin Manager