Launch of Patient Online Triage AccuRx

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AccuRx: Contact us online!

Following patient feedback we have decided to move on from E-Consult and launch our new online provider AccuRx! AccuRx is an exciting new service which is launching Monday 3rd July for The Village Practice which will allow all patients to contact us online and be added to our patient triage list.

The new online form is more simple and quick to use, with less questions and can be used with or without the NHS App.

We have this year continued to improve our patient triage service and are proud that we are able to have all our patients triaged within 24hours of receiving contact to the practice. To allow us to continue triaging all our patients as quickly as possible we may send you additional text questionnaires upon receiving your online medical request. This is to allow us to direct you to the correct clinician.

If you are not able to complete the online question, Patient Services will be able to complete on the phone for you. Please ensure you give the patients services team as much information as you can to allow the triage GP to assess your symptoms.

Please take a look at the video below of how the new online consultation tool will look.

YouTube: Patient Guide to Patient Triage: How to submit a medical request